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When Hilgardt Lamprecht and his wife first moved to the United States, they had two suitcases and a pocketful of South African currency, which they exchanged for bills featuring images of iconic Americans they didn’t recognize. Furthermore, Hilgardt had no idea how far $1, $10 or $100 would cover in terms of groceries, housing or other daily living expenses — a question many Americans have regarding their own finances in retirement. Will their money last as long as they need it to? Do they have enough to live the life they’ve dreamed of?

For the last 25 years, Hilgardt has been helping individuals and families answer these questions utilizing the power of planning. According to Hilgardt, true retirement planning goes beyond simply building wealth. It should also incorporate your unique dreams and ambitions. In “Plan to Succeed with Your LifeWealth,” Hilgardt shares the lessons he’s learned about the importance of planning to help turn your retirement dreams into reality — and how to avoid potential pitfalls that could result in a retirement nightmare.

From income, investments, taxes, health care, legacy and more, “Plan to Succeed” can help give you a clear vision of the retirement you’ve earned. Even better, it’s available to you for free!

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