Wine & Wisdom at the
Orlando Museum of Art


Contemporary or classical,
avant-garde or Old Masters,
art speaks to everyone.

Reactions to art and artists are individual — just like your financial journey. Similarly, every Wine & Wisdom event with the LifeWealth Group offers a palette of ideas to help you paint the picture of your ideal retirement. The Orlando Museum of Art serves as the perfect backdrop for pairing art, wine, conversation, and financial wisdom.

Gather at the Gallery

Bring a guest and immerse yourselves in the beauty of your surroundings as we explore the museum’s gallery. Then, once you have been inspired, express your creative side in a collaborative painting session with our LifeWealth Family. Hilgardt Lamprecht will also sketch out some inspirational ideas designed to enhance your financial perspectives. Food and wine will round out an evening sure to leave an impression.


The Orlando
Museum of Art

2416 N. Mills Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803
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October 5
6 p.m.

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Wine, Wisdom and Wonderful Opportunities

At The LifeWealth Group, we believe financial freedom is something everyone should be able to enjoy. We encourage you to bring a friend or family member who could benefit from the empowering and entertaining opportunities we proudly provide!

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